MicroClassifier  -  On-line Slurry Fine Particle Size Analyser  
Closed-loop control of fine grinding, centrifuge, hydro-cyclone, and gravity particle size separation become possible with on-line measurement. Compared with off-line analysis, on-line control with a MicroClassifier might typically reduce the spread of key size parameters by 70 to 80%, reducing costs from over- or under-processing and off-line sample analysis. Energy input is minimised and throughput maximised.
One of the two sample streams may be assigned to the testing of manually-presented samples, interleaved, as required, with automatic testing on the other stream.


The MicroClassifier meters the dispersant added to test samples. A sequence of tests with incremental dose rates may be programmed to establish optimum process dispersant addition.
With its range of output options, the MicroClassifier is easy to integrate into PLC/SCADA systems for closed-loop control. Two-stream sampling allows it to monitor/control two processes or two stages in a single process. The sequencing of tests, assigment of point particle size values or 'D' values to the outputs are all flexible and programmable.

We are always keen to expand further the range of applications for the MicroClassifier. Please contact us to discuss your potential application, sampling schemes, control strategies and arrange tests on your samples or on-site evaluation.

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